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    "Coach Hire Booking differs itself from Plain Jane brokers by giving both the client and operator a higher level of service…”. Read this article from Route One (pages 36/37), which explains how we do things differently to our competitors.



    Onwards and Upwards

    Flight Delay Services, formerly owned by Arriva, has joined forces with our sister company DDS.  This is a fantastic opportunity to combine the strengths of both companies and establish DDS as market leader in the airline divert and HOTAC (hotel accommodation) sector. 

    Flight Delay Services joins the team

    Coach Hire Booking saves the day

    A series in which the groom must choose every detail of his wedding on a fixed budget, from venue to cake to travel. Back in March this year we got a frantic call from the bride’s mother saying her future son-in-law had spent ...

    Don’t tell the Bride

    Coach Hire Booking is proud to have been chosen by the Youth Sport Trust as its preferred transport provider. The Youth Sport Trust is an independent charity with a mission to change young people’s lives through sport. It has been commissioned by Sport England to provide support to schools ...

    Youth Sport Trust

    Coach Hire Booking 5 Star Promise

    Book the transport you need at the price you want with the peace of mind of the Coach Hire Booking 5 Star Promise

    1. Competitive pricing.
    2. We will always be here for you.
    3. We will find the right vehicle for you.
    4. We keep track.
    5. We will get you there.