We provide our clients with a managed service, a single point of contact for finding a supplier to meet their requirements and the reassurances of 24 hour 365 days a year customer support.

We provide our suppliers with the opportunity to even out the demand from their existing client base with the contracts we provide. We have an ethical approach to the distribution of contracts, which include private, schools, corporate, pre-planned and emergency work. 

It costs suppliers nothing to join the network. Registration is simply a matter of supplying necessary certification etc.

We are a privately owned company, and the directors have worked in the coach industry for more years that they would want to admit. We understand the business and hope that we provide a useful service to clients and suppliers alike - our levels of repeat business and supplier loyalty indicate that we do. We offer clients our  5 STAR Customer Promise, and suppliers our 5 STAR Supplier Promise.

If you own a coach, mini bus or taxi company, offer a chauffeur service or specialist vehicle hire (double deckers, vintage coaches etc.) and are interested in becoming a Coach Hire Booking supplier please contact us on 08450 944620. 


Operator Agreement (T&C)


1. Fair Prices
We provide you with the opportunity to undertake work to fit around your existing client base. If you don’t want to do a job at the suggested price you don’t have to, there is no obligation. If you do, then you can pick up additional business at no charge!

2. Customer Service Support
The Coach Hire Booking customer line is manned 24/7. This means we are always on hand to help and assist you and our customers. If a situation arises where you cannot perform the job, you can call us as soon as you find out so that we can find cover and take the concerns away from you.

3. Payment Terms
We work with our suppliers on specific payment terms so that you will get paid 30 days after the invoice date. This means there is no waiting around for payment and no chasing us for payment. We do have the ability to pay by Credit Card or PayPal for supplier convenience.

4. Supplier Portal
Our supplier portal allows you to have a profile which displays all your company information and contact details. If any contact numbers change, you can log on and update these so that we are always kept in the loop. You can also tell us information about your fleet so when we need specific vehicles we can see what you have to offer.

5. We can help you!
If you need help to cover work then you can become our customers and we will use our expertise to help arrange alternative transport for your passengers.