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    Business Hire – Contigency

    Sometimes, no matter how well organised and planned a trip is disaster can still strike.  With the best will in the world, you cannot prevent a traffic jam on the M25, and, no matter how reliable they claim to be, some coach hire companies will simply cancel their booking with you hours, if not minutes before, if they get a better, more lucrative job. 

    As a market leader in the provision of transport management solutions, Coach Hire Booking has a nationwide network of coach, taxi and accommodation suppliers to support corporate clients who need last minute emergency transport and accomodation.

    So don’t panic if your colleagues are stranded at Gatwick.  Tell them to head for a coffee shop whilst you call us.  We will get a replacement service out to them as soon as possible and we’ll keep in touch with you until we do.

    The only number you’ll need is 03333 207 100.