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There’s so much more to booking a coach than simply, well, booking a coach.  We appreciate that the travel is just one aspect of what you are trying to organise and we hope with this guidance section that we can be of some assistance for all the other elements of your journey.  Whether it be where to get a good cup of tea at a stately home or how to cope with a newborn baby on a coach, we hope you will find the advice and guidance you need.

Great places to visit 

We've put together information about some of the top destinations across the UK.  You may come across something that's just round the corner or one that takes your eye to venture out to.

Advice for Schools

Whether you're a parent, teacher or have a child about to experience their first school trip, we have all the tips and advice you need.

Visiting the UK

This section is full of tips, advice and suggestions on where to go and stay. From day outings to week long holidays, we've got the information you need if you're enquiring about travelling into the UK.

Why Coach Travel

This section is dedicated to all things coach whether you're a newbie to coach travel or a regular, we hope there's guidance for everyone seeking information.

Events & PR Companies

What we do and what we offer at Coach Hire Booking for Events and PR companies to execute the perfect event which matches your requirements.

Big Events

This page is where you will find all the information you need to help find the best travel arrangements for big events. This section includes general advice as well as catering for wedding transport, sporting events and ideas on where to take your colleagues on office outings for team building days.

Money Saving Tips

Information on cheap places to visit and stay, and why travelling by coach can save you money. 


Frequently Asked Questions