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Events and PR companies

If you are an events company, chances are you look after more than just the event.  Travelling to and from, ferrying staff to different locations, it’s all part and parcel of what you do.

What WE do is take a huge amount of that burden off your hands.  With over 3,000 operators we can call on nationwide, we have the coach world at our finger tips.  Whatever brief your clients have given you, we can meet it.  Whether they want a state of the art luxury coach or a vintage double decker, we can supply.

What WE offer, that we feel puts us head and shoulders above our competition, is all the extras that you just don’t get from standard coach hire companies. We start by being able to offer you a business deal.  If you use us exclusively as your ‘go to’ coach hire company, in return and to thank you for your loyalty, we can give you affiliate commission. So not only are you securing a top level service for your clients, but there’s something in it for your business too.

What’s more, and what we feel is the jewel in this particular crown, is the chance to have your own appointed account manager.  You know as well as we do, that time is money.  You don’t want to be on the phone to a different member of staff every day repeating the same thing to get them up to speed.  With coach hire booking, you will have a single point of contact for absolutely everything.  Your account manager will do everything bar drive the coach.  We feel that sort of continuity of service is worth its weight in gold.

But wait, there’s more!  At Coach Hire Booking, we have spent years putting in the hard graft and earning our first class reputation and as such we have forged solid, professional relationships with some of the top hotel chains in the country.  That means that we can secure substantial group discounts on hotel rooms.  It goes without saying that we will pass these great deals on to you. But more than that, you know that account manager we told you about earlier?  Well he or she will do all the hotel bookings for you, so that’s another thing taken care of.

If that’s not enough to convince you to give us a try for your next event, what about the prospect of Stewards and Coordination staff?  We imagine that when you spend months and months organising an event and then on the day, effectively have to let go of its hand, that it must be a bit of a worry.  Now you don’t have to fret, your account manager can find you the right staff for the right event.  They will be there to look after your clients from the moment they meet the coach up until a point where you think their job will be done.

They are there to oversee luggage, passengers, check ins, rest stops amongst many other things.  In fact, the service is so bespoke that you can decide with your account manager what it is you want from the staff and we will implement it.