Get a Coach Hire Price Now



    The cost of hiring a coach varies greatly and is dependent on a number of contributing factors from the size of the vehicle to the duration of the hire.  However there are some other things to consider which may well come as a surprise, so we have listed 6 factors below to assist you.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 1 –  Size of vehicle

    It almost goes without saying that the larger the coach then the more expensive the hire.  Therefore we like to reiterate to our customers the importance of getting the numbers right, if you over estimate your passenger numbers then you my well end up paying more for the coach hire.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 2 –  Time of year

    You will be aware that travel and holiday company’s prices soar in the holidays due to seasonal demand.  Well the coach hire industry is no different.  Prices during the summer holidays are often twice that of the out of season rates.  The best way to try to get the best deal is by booking as far in advance as possible.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 3 –  Length of hire

    Again, this is perhaps obvious but the longer you require the coach for then the higher the price you pay.  However did you know that it is sometimes possible to split the journey to reduce the cost?  It simply means that you don’t keep the coach with you all day (and therefore you can’t keep anything on it) however it can make you considerable savings.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 4 -  Specification of coach

    There are many options in terms of extras when it comes to choosing your vehicle and our advisors will be able to assist you in deciding what you need from the coach.  Coaches can come equipped with DVD players, leather seating, toilets and WIFI to name a few extras, clearly the more you need from a coach, the more it is going to cost.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 5 –  Local events

    You may not be aware of this, but if you wish to book a coach to take you on a tour of Somerset at the exact time Glastonbury festival is on, you may well not only struggle to find a coach available but find that the cost of hire has increased by a considerable margin.

    Coach Hire Prices Factor 6 –  Geographical area or local region

    As with most things, coach hire in London and the South East is significantly higher than elsewhere.  London is usually 20% higher than other regions however this is not a hard and fast rule.  It’s also good to remember that if you are travelling to London, the LEZ charge may well apply if you hire a coach that is not LEZ compliant.

    Central England, including Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester have competitive prices with varying degrees of price range. 

    In Wales, costs vary greatly but will increase in the Cardiff and Swansea area and it is worth remembering that if your journey includes crossing the Severn Bridge then you will incur a £15.00 charge.

    Coach hire prices in Scotland can vary decidedly, for instance you will pay more in Edinburgh than you will in Glasgow but it is often the case that coach hire companies just outside of Edinburgh are far more competitive.