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    Each year when the winter nights draw in we launch our ‘Bright at Night’ campaign to make children, and the adults responsible for them, aware of the potential dangers of walking and cycling during the gloomy evenings and mornings and the importance of being Bright at Night.

    What do we do?

    Although we offer a national coach hire service we are also very proud to be a part of our local community in Lancashire. We have visited a number of schools to provide education and to give away fun reflective discs that children can attach to their bags or coats, and high-visibility vests for teachers.

    How can you get involved?

    If you’re a local school and would like to get involved please contact Ashley Seed on 01254 355126 or email ashley.seed@coachhirebooking.co.uk  to arrange a visit.

    The most important thing is to get the Bright@Night message to as many children as possible.

    Share these top tips for being safe while walking when it’s gloomy:

    • Wear something reflective or attach one of our discs to your bag or coat
    • Where possible try to choose well-lit pavements and roads
    • If you’re walking on a road with no pavement always make sure you are facing the oncoming traffic
    • When you’re crossing the road use an official crossing (Zebra, Pelican etc.) if one is available, if not then be aware that drivers may not see you easily and take extra care when crossing
    • When you’re crossing the road never do so on a bend or brow of a hill, always cross when you can see what’s coming
    • Never cross the road between two parked cars
    • Carry a torch if possible
    • Don’t use headphones – be sure that you can hear approaching cars when crossing roads etc.

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