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    Replacement School Bus Service

    In this age of crippling budget cuts, it was not going to be long before school bus routes were in jeopardy.  Now local councils are facing mounting pressure from central government to cut subsidised school bus services.  Those schools and colleges affected are therefore looking at alternative ways of ensuring their pupils journeys are not disrupted or indeed stopped altogether as a direct result of the cuts.

    Coach Hire Booking have now partnered with a number of schools and colleges throughout the UK including The Midlands, Devon, Tyneside and Hertfordshire to provide a dedicated replacement school bus service to minimise the impact on those pupils needing to travel by bus.

    Our approach is not only ensuring that local government cuts don’t affect the pupils but also offering those schools and colleges a professionally managed and affordable transport solution.

    In many cases, not only can we save a particular existing bus route, but we can structure the bus route differently and in such a way that in can potentially bring an extra revenue stream back to the school or college.

    Why not contact one of our customer advice assistants today to discuss how teaming up with Coach Hire Booking can help create a revenue generating bus service for pupils.

    Call us on 03333 207 100 to discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable and helpful advisors.